Have a Bell-fit

Jag har inget liv, men det betyder inte att jag har tid för det!

a neverending dream..a dream nevertheless..

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She's the girl who hides her broken heart with the biggest smile you've ever seen, she's the girl who has always been there for you, she's the girl that greets you with a high five or a big bear hug. She's the girl.. Who will love you forever..

Every girl has three in her life.
The one she loves.
The one she hates.
and the one she can't live without.
And in the end,They're all the same guy..


If u see me walkin with someone else,It's not because i want to.It's because you weren't brave enough 2 walk by me.If you see me smile,It's not because i forgot u.It's because i got tired of crying for you,.If u see me living again,It's not because i've moved on.It's because i hate the fact u can live without me,So if I fall in love with someone else,It's not because i want to.It's because u weren't there to catch me


Never let go of the girl that gave you a second chance!! girl's love is pure and delicate. She can cry. Get angry. Be jealous. Feel unimportant. But she'd love you still. But don't over do things. Girls also give up. And when they do, it's over...


Have I?


Min profilbild


Jag lever inte ett intressant liv för den som kanske lever det, men gör mitt bästa för att den som läser om det iallafall blir lite manipulerad..

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